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Due to the sensitive material used to manufacture Leisure vehicles, special PH Neutral Detergents should be used.  A PH Neutral Detergent will not harm Aluminium or Plastic parts normally found on Leisure Vehicles. Check out our guide to professionally clean a Leisure Vehicle

Materials Required


Hot or Cold Pressure Washer (Caravan users prefer not to use... So bucket and soft brush)

Pump Up Sprayer

Sponge or Vehicle Cleaning Brush


PH Neutral Traffic Film Remover

Wash & Wax (optional)

Glass Cleaner (optional)

Alloy Wheel Cleaner (if required)

Tyre Dressing (optional)

1. Pre-rinse the vehicle with the Pressure Washer or water hose paying particular attention to the lower part of the vehicle especially under wheel arches and wheels.

2. Mix and apply NEUTRAL PH Leisure Vehicle Detergent either by brush or pump up sprayer. Apply from bottom of the vehicle upwards.

3. Clean & Rinse. Clean the vehicle with chemical OFF holding pressure washer nozzle 4” / 100mm from the BOTTOM of the vehicle UPWARDS working in sideways sweeps to the vehicle roof and working round the whole vehicle. Once back to the start point, rinse DOWNWARDS to rinse off ALL the detergent. NEVER LET TFR DRY ONTO THE VEHICLE SURFACE.

4. If the vehicle has Alloy Wheels. If the Leisure Cleaner has not removed blackened brake dust / grime from the alloy wheel surface, apply Alloy Wheel Cleaner, brush and rinse THOROUGHLY with pressure washer or water hose.


5. Dry the vehicle with Squeegee, Chamios Leather or Micro-Fibre


6. Mix Wash & Wax to as recommended and apply with a

suitable clean sponge or soft vehicle cleaning brush working

from the top of the vehicle downwards. Rinse thoroughly using

the pressure washer or water hose.

7. Clean Glass by applying with trigger sprayer directly on to the

glass surface and wipe dry with Microfibre Cloth.

8. Apply Tyre Dressing to tyre walls and other rubber areas.

Q. Which is the best product to use to clean a Caravan, Motorhome, Motorbike or Boat?

You should steer clear of ‘normal’ traffic film remover (TFR’s) as they have normally strong Alkaline and Caustic based properties to become effective at their job.

You should use a NON-CAUSTIC, PH NEUTRAL Detergent. This type of product is much more gentle on the plastic and alloy surfaces yet tough on road film and grime.

We recommend UnoChem Leisure Vehicle & Bike Cleaner Concentrate as it makes for a great general washing detergent when diluted with water .Can be diluted and applied via a trigger sprayer when cleaning Bikes.

Black Streak Removal

This product is also is great for removing ‘black streaks’ synonymous with Caravan & Motorhome cleaning.

Buy UnoChem Leisure Vehicle & Bike Cleaner Concentrate

1 Litre £9.97

5 Litre £19.00

25 Litre  £79.00

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